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    PanelView™ 5000 Graphic Terminals offer an intuitive, modern design and provides enhanced Logix integration that uses Studio 5000 View Designer™ software. This integration allows engineers to enter configuration information once and use it for the entire automation design.

    It also helps you build modern applications with high-speed HMI buttons for jogging applications, scalable vector graphics, and a pre-configured system banner that provides diagnostic information.

    • Features
    • Includes Logix-based alarms to eliminate need for additional configuration
    • Achieves <100 ms response for machine jogging applications with a high-speed HMI button
    • Provides Logix tag extended property support to help develop richer context
    • Features a modern design with a slim, aluminum bezel
    • Allows for the ability to create custom, re-usable add-on graphics to more efficiently build your applications
    • Shares tags, alarms, and other data using Studio 5000 View Designer™ environment automatically
    • Offers emulator to test run a project without downloading to a physical terminal
    • Uses a built-in VNC server to support a remote VNC client for monitoring and troubleshooting

    Offers visualization solution for larger applications

    Offers display sizes from 7...19 in. with wide screen, touch, and keypad options

    Supports 100 screens, connection to one controller, and 1000 alarms

    Allows for viewing of PDF documents

    Provides 1.46 GHz dual-core processor, 1 Gb RAM, 4 Gb flash

    Offers a right-sized visualization solution for smaller applications

    Offers wide screen display sizes from 6...12 in.

    Supports 50 screens, connection to one controller, and 1000 alarms

    Provides 1.46 GHz processor, 1 Gb RAM, 4 Gb flash

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