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1756-HSC | Allen Bradley | ControlLogix High Speed Counter Module

2 Channel / 4 Output High Speed Counter (36 Pin)

Number of counters : 2
Inputs per counter : 3 (A, B, Z for gate/reset)
Outputs : 4 (2 points/group)
Current draw at 5.1V : 300 mA
Current draw at 24V : 3 mA
Enclosure type : None (open-style)

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ControlLogix High Speed Counter Module Overview :-

  • Offers certification to a robust control system security standard – TÜV Rheinland IEC 62443-4-2
    Gains up to 45% capacity when using the 5580 controller
    Includes a 1 gigabit (Gb) embedded Ethernet port that enables high-speed communications, I/O, and motion control
    Offers controller functions that maximize system performance
    Includes controller-based change detection and logging, digitally-signed controller firmware, and role-based access control for extra security
    Provides a display that allows for enhanced diagnostics and troubleshooting
    Offers conformal coating to help protect in harsh environments; these products include a “K” in the catalog number
    Offers memory options from 3 MB to 40 MB
    Includes a 1756 Slim Power Supply option for series B and C standard and 1756 XT Chassis, which offers a 29% reduction in width when space is limited
    Offers chassis with up to 17 slots in standard and conformal coated


ControlLogix High Speed Counter Module Model Nos :-


Catalog Number



2 Channel / 4 Output High Speed Counter (36 Pin)


10-30 VDC Counters at 40 KHz, 8 Counters / 8 Isolated Inputs, Peer to Peer Input (36 Pin)


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