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    We have dedicated team of experts for Testing & Commissioning services of all types of Protection Relays, Control & Relay Panels, Switchgear Panels, Transformers, Motors and Sub-stations up to 220KV.

    The testing of protection equipment may be divided into four stages :

    - Type tests

    - Routine factory production tests

    - Commissioning tests

    - Periodic maintenance tests

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    • The Megger (Programma) SVERKER 750 Protection Relay Test Kit is used for single phase relay testing. The SVERKER 750 Protection Relay Test Kit features a powerful measurement section which displays(in addition to time, voltage and current) Z, R, X, S, P, Q, phase angle and cos f.

    21 - Impedance

    24 - Volts/Hz

    25 - Synchronizing

    27 - Under Voltage

    32 - Directional Power Element

    46 - Negative Sequence Current

    40 - Loss of Excitation

    50 - Instantaneous Overcurrent (N for neutral, G for ground current)

    51 - Inverse Time Overcurrent (N for neutral, G from ground current)

    59 - Over Voltage

    62 - Timer

    64 - Ground Fault (64F = Field Ground, 64G = Generator Ground)

    67 - Directional Over Current (typically controls a 50/51 element

    81 - Under/Over Frequency

    86 - Lockout Relay / Trip Circuit Supervision

    87 - Current Differential (87L=transmission line diff; 87T=transformer diff; 87G=generator diff)

    Magnetizing current

    Magnetic balance

    Vector group



    Winding resistance

    Manual ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ operation

    Contact Resistance

    Insulation resistance

    Opening time

    Closing time

    Close to open time( HT Breaker)

    Vacuum Bottle Level Check( HV Test)

    Insulation Resistance Test

    Bus bar Resistance (With Joint)

    Bus bar High Voltage

    IR/PI test

    Withstand test

    Tandelta test

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